Forgotten Felines Cat Rescue

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About Us

Forgotten Felines Cat Rescue was founded in June 2018 with the aim of rehoming the "unhomeable" cats and to date we have succeeded to rehome over 500 of these cats!

We specialise in finding homes for hard to rehome cats, especially disabled, feral FIV+ and abused cats. Many of our cats come in petrified of any human contact and our fosterers work tirelessly to ensure that they not only accept human contact, but they actively seek love, warmth, cuddles and strokes.

We have a few long term care and palliative cats in our care. Our dedicated fosterers ensure that these cats spend their last few days with us happy, warm and with full bellies receiving all of the love that they could imagine.

Adoption History

2018 - 42 Cats and Kittens

2019 - 126 Cats and Kittens

2020 - 138 Cats and Kittens

2021 - 95 Cats and Kittens

2022 - 97 Cats and Kittens

2023 - 180 Cats and Kittens

2024 - 109 Cats and Kittens so far!!

Success Stories

Here we have put our biggest success stories in one place for you to be able to find out all about the work we have done and will continue to do!


Drop off Points

Swansea Area

69 Pantycelyn Road



Llanharan Area

22 St Marks Close


CF72 9SS

Port Talbot Area

26 Abbots Close


SA13 2NE

Llantwit Fadre Area

52 Heol Dyhewydd

Llantwit Fadre

CF38 2RE

Caerphily Area

37 Drum Tower View


CF83 2XW


Tank is the most affectionate handsome boy. He is about 7 years old, neutered, chipped and up to date with flea/worm treatments. He is fine with other cats, not dog tested.

Tank needs a safe outdoor space after a settling in period, loves attention and loves his food. If you think you can give Tank a loving home please get in touch.


Introducing the very handsome Pharoah, who is looking for a new home after his owner sadly died. Pharoah is about 5 years old, neutered, chipped, vaccinated and up to date with flea/worm treatments. Pharoah can be nervous at first but when he gets to know you turns into a real cuddle bug who loves attention. He needs company and would like his new human to be home for much of the time. He also enjoys the company of other cats in his foster home, so could live with another calm non dominant cat. Pharoah will need safe outdoor access after an extended settling in period, as he is an outdoorsy kinda guy.


Whispurr is a sweet 4 year old girl. She loves to cuddle and enjoys her food too. She is very playful, always looking for fun. She gets along with other cats but she can be nervous initially so an older cat may suit her more. Whispurr would be suited to a quiet home.


Squash is a two year old, male cat. He is currently living in a foster home with two other cats and a dog. He gets on well with the other animals in the house but prefers the company of his human companions. He’s a sweet boy who is very playful, but also loves to curl up in a comfy spot. Squash loves to watch the world go by in a warm window spot.

He is looking for home where he could safely explore his surroundings not near any large roads.

Squash is suitable to live with children, cats and dogs.

Bernard and Dixie

You may have seen our handsome boy Bernard is up for adoption but he's fallen for his little foster sister Dixie so we would love for them to stay together So here are the cutest pair who are ready and waiting for their forever home. Bernard is roughly 8 years old and very loving, he's had dental surgery so unfortunately lost all his teeth but that doesn't stop him eating in anyway he loves his food and even at 8 loves to play and chase Dixie. Dixie is roughly 1.5 years old and shes a little poppet. Loves playing and cuddling up with her big brother. She's a little on the nervous side to start with but once she gets to know you she will be on your lap loving a fuss and purrs away. They would suit a quiet home so no young children.

Sam and Alfie

Introducing Sam (black) and Alfie (black and white) These lovely boys are looking for their forever homes! Both have tested positive for FIV so will need an indoor only home / home with a catio. We would love for them to go together but could go separate to the right homes! Both have been in foster with a dog , Alfie absolutely loves the resident dog and Sam tolerates the resident dog. Both are extremely cuddly so would love a lap to sit on! They both also love playing and their dreamies!

Leia and Rey

Say hello to Leia and Rey, mother and daughter. Mum Leia is about 2.5 years old and Rey is about 2 years old. They came to their foster home about a year and a half ago and were totally feral. With love and affection they have become house cats and are completely happy being indoors. They are still learning to fully trust humans so Mum Leia may hiss at you but it’s just her defence until she knows she’s safe. These cats are not for you if you have young children as they enjoy a quiet household. They will allow fusses on their terms but aren’t lap cats yet . Mum is FIV positive but this doesn’t stop her. They are to be indoor cats or have access to a catio. The lucky adopter will need to have patience and the will to work with them over a long time.

Success Stories - Grace

Grace was part of a colony in Cilfynydd, South Wales. After successfully trapping and rehoming a litter of Graces kittens a volunteer managed to trap her at 10pm on a Saturday night. Grace was feral and pregnant again, so her fosterer spent countless hours socialising grace whilst patiently waiting for her babies to arrive.

On August 21st Grace became ill and had to be rushed to the vets. Unfortunately, one of the kittens had passed away inside and therefore she needed an emergency c-section. Because of the anesthetic she received Graces 6 kittens had to be hand-reared by the fosterer until she recovered. During this time 3 more passed away but Grace regained her strength and was able to look after her babies (with the help of Marie the resident cat who also loves to wash kittens.) They spent the next 10 weeks in foster with the kittens being reserved but no interest in Grace at all.

Then Graces luck changed! The fosterers best friend who was originally adopting one of the kittens met Grace and fell in love!

3 years on, Grace now spends her days with her feline brother Sid, canine brother Dougie and amazing family who love her endlessly! She is a complete lap cat that laps up the family cat life - although every now and then she'll still bring a rat to remind us of her roots, especially when her foster mother is catsitting!

Success Stories - Treharris Colony

After being called to help with a large colony in the Treharris area we began taking in some very sick kittens, who went on to require extensive veterinary treatment, and also exeptional devotion from loving foster carers to ensure their survival. When there's a large colony kittens are not only at risk from the elements and severe weather conditions. They become malnourished, are also at risk from neighbours who are not necessarily cat friendly, marauding toms who will sometimes kill kittens to allow the mother to come back into season, and also health problems resulting from interbreeding. Thankfully we have been successful in bringing these babies to safety. However, there are sadly many more requiring our assistance.

28/8/23 - Bonnie, Gizmo and Ziggy

30/8/23 - Ivy and Raffi

8/1023 - Annoushka

29/11/23 - Magic and Mistletoe.

5/12/23 - Sprite.

13/12/23 - Pipkin

Success Stories - RCT Colony

During 2023 we were called to several sites in the Vale, reports of multiple stray cats and unaccompanied kittens. A large white tom cat servicing the area. Tom cats can roam up to 2 miles in search of a female. First we got in was young Reggie .... way too young to be out alone in the cold. From the same site another 2 kittens, Harlech and Conwy, Their mother disappeared for a while but after setting up a feeding station, Ginny was finally trapped [14/12/23] and is now settled in her foster home. Next came little Jacey from an adjoining site, a little older but also too young to be on her own, sadly the only survivor of her litter. Jacey's mother was very elusive, despite freezing temperatures of -5% she refused to be tempted into the trap. Finally we got our lady 18/4/23, and on 22/4/23 she gave birth to 3 healthy kittens, indoors, in the warm. She was extremely feral but within 6 mknths turned into a complete lap cat cuddle monster!

The last site we were called to 3 kittens without mother and eating out of skips. This was a very dangerous area for them and they didn't look in the best condition. These we managed to trap over several weeks, [Panko 20/8/23, Katsu 28/8/23 and Teriyaki 2/9/23]. All have since made a full recovery and happily living in their adopted forever homes. Sadly mama cat could not be found and went onto have another litter outside before we got her in. So much hardship and sadness which could have been avoided. We cannot stress enough how important it is to neuter your cats, male or female. Both suffer enormously whilst trying to survive outside, some sadly don't make it. But for these lucky few ... a happy ending.

Success Stories - Cora

Cora came to us from a colony in Ogmore Vale that had another 10 cats. As the cats were not neutered or spayed the colony kept growing we collected over 30 kittens from there. Cora gave birth to one of her litters outside whilst at the colony but due to harsh weather the kittens did not survive.

In August 2021 Cora was successfully brought in to the rescue after 18 months of tireless work to try and trap her, where she went to the cattery to begin socialisation. Cora proved herself to be a true feral in all senses of the word. She refused all human contact and would regularly lash out and bite.

Once neutered she was moved to her foster home in June 2022 for further socialisation and desensitisation to an indoor household environment. In the foster home she was in a crate for 2 weeks to climatise to her new environment. Once out of her crate socialisation continued downstairs only for 3 months and then she was allowed full access to the whole home. Once fully socialised she was adopted to a lovely couple who allowed Cora to settle with them in her own time where she is now a full time lapcat. WHAT A TURN AROUND!

We turned Coras hisses into kisses!